A PEARfect Inspiration

After searching for years to hone my own style, through research of historical master's techniques it occurred to me that what I love most is the variety fo the techniques available to us as contemporary artists. I am intrigued by new tools, supplies, ideas, techniques and most of all colors.

I thought it would be fun to focus on one single subject for a while and apply as many techniques as possible. Fruit reoccurs here, namely the PEAR.

Why the pear?

The pear transcends not only the inability to be owned by one artist (as centuries of artists have painted pears) but the pear also lends its self to familiarity of the human organic form. They are user friendly meaning that they do not convey any socioeconomic, religious or hierarchal meaning. One can not say they passionately hate pears. I find they are simply the most pearfect shape to play with. Admiration of the history's artists styles led me on a fun journey for each piece. I continue to learn more about the masters as I try to examine and observe each of their individual styles. I  enjoy this process. I firmly believe it is the process that makes us artists.