Susan Biebuyck


Susan is an accomplished painter, trained at Kutztown University, who is passionate about utilizing classic art techniques. She believes that creating art is a perpetual exploration of style and skill.

After working as a commercial artist with 20 years of design and illustration experience, Susan found her true passion in fine art. Her paintings and pastels have been sold to several national and international collections; she has received numerous awards. Her work is exhibited throughout the United States.

Susan is well-known for her paintings of food, including a series of pears and doughnuts. She began painting food in the early 1990s, inspired by Edouard Manet’s “Bar at the Folies-Bergere.” Her work started with a bowl of fruit and soon became an obsession. “It’s a subject I’ve left from time to time to paint people, scenery, the environment and commissions,” says Biebuyck. “But I keep getting drawn back to the food.” And her work is about fun. “Yes it’s true, I do just want to have fun. In my mind, art should be enjoyable to look at and fun to create. I’m serious about not being ‘too serious.’  

Her studio promises excitement in its variety: there’s always some new creation in the works. Rather than paint in repetition, Susan’s work is often theme-based featuring a common thread or idea that knits the collection together. This approach allows her to explore many techniques, styles, supplies, colors and theories. “I’m an art supplies junkie. If I work on one subject, I can play with many supplies and techniques.”My series of works are meant not only for your enjoyment but for mine too. Yes, I’m selfish; I paint only when I know I’m going to enjoy the process.”